Theodoros Pantaleon born in 1945 in Athens and studied at the Athenian Technological Institute (Doxiadis School). Among his teachers was Elias Dekoulakos for painting.

There is a work of his in the National Gallery, while others are found (apart from those in private collections either in Greece or abroad), in Municipal Art Galleries, in the Kopelouzos Museum, in the Vorre Museum and in the Marika Kotopouli Museum.

In his works, he uses typical elements of surrealism, while he adds elements of mannerism with portraits where he uses dreamy and imaginary sets. In several of his works he uses the image of an idealistic young woman’s face and combines elements from the past with fragmentary and distorted elements from objective reality, while elsewhere a still bird is inserted in his work, creating a mystery as a whole.

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